While at Mulberry Lane, take the time to go on a guided tour of the Africa Silks silk farm.

Mulberry Lane is located at the center of a number of beautiful nature spots - some of the best in South Africa. The following spots are a short driving distance from the farm:

Hover over the links below to see images.

God's Window


MacMac Waterfalls

Bridal Veil Waterfalls

Potholes (Bourkes' Luck)

Three Rondavels

Pilgrim's Rest

Kruger National Park

Contact Us :

Tel/Fax:   +27 13 767 1950          
email:   africasilksfarm@gmail.com

GPS Coordinates :
At turn-off from R533: S 24 55' 53" - E 31 00' 47"
At Destination: S 24 55' 54" - E 30 59' 27


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